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That Dog Will Hunt

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One of the things that drives me crazy about having to work (aside from the fact that they frown on wearing your pajamas in the office) is that there’s no way I can surreptitiously pop over to MySpace or Ebay on my work computer. Oh, sure, I can use my T-Mobile MDA, but viewing either of those image-heavy sites on a PDA is tedious, and the mobile version of Ebay leaves a lot to be desired. So I’ve suffered my 8-5 withdrawal pains in silence, stoically gritting my teeth until I can get to my home computer at the end of the day.

But now there’s Mdog, a site that optimizes popular online destinations for mobile devices. I can check my Yahoo email, peruse Ebay auctions, read my friend Emma Sometime’s blog (and even update my own), catch up on the news, and my personal favorite, visit Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, all using just my humble PDA. Bathroom breaks will never be the same again!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dani – I’m really glad you like it and we’re super happy to have you and your friends on board!! If you would ever like to suggest addl sites to mobilize, please feel free to email me (csautter at mdog.com)!! Enjoy your bathroom breaks 😉 Carol Sautter, MDOG.COM

  2. Anonymous says:

    How would you rate your experience using the mDog service? Are you still finding it is usefull?

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