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Leaving Las Vegas

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I’m seriously considering moving from my Blogger account to a WordPress setup. It’s not because I have to re-publish my entire blog every time I add a new post, or that Blogger sometimes won’t even let me add a new post. Not playing nice with other blog software annoyed me and not being able to extend Blogger exasperated me, but that’s not it either. No, what’s really got my panties in a wad is not being able to edit my posts after they’re published.

Invariably, I discover a mistake immediately after publishing the post – and re-publishing the entire blog – that needs to be corrected. But Blogger says it can’t find any previous posts. Not a one. Gone. Into the ether. Vanished. However, my errors have managed to hang in there and are out on the Internet for all the world to see, in perpetuity.


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  1. EmmaSometimes says:

    yikes…..I don’t use word press, but you might like TypePad better??? I’ll still stalk you regardless…..hehe.

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