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A Water Bottle You Can Drink To

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Forgoing the lattes is starting to pay off. A little over two weeks out and I’m down six pounds. I dared to try on a pair of pants that hasn’t fit me in a couple of months, and they fit! I was ecstatic and proceeded to dance around the living room, frightening the cat so badly that I think she’ll need therapy.

One of the hardest things for me to do while dieting – aside from getting on the treadmill – is drinking enough water. Even though we have no fewer than six gallons of Ozarka in our kitchen, I still seem to forget to drink water – or anything else. So you can imagine my interest when I read about a new, “interactive”, water bottle. Billed as the “water bottle that nags you”, HydroCoach calculates the amount of water you need,  the amount of water you consume, the time it takes for you to drink your water (so you can pace yourself), and your average water consumption. Although it isn’t as quite interactive as the Shockulate Vault that delivers a mild electric shock to would-be diet cheaters (or my personal favorite, the device that delivers a similar shock to snoring spouses), it does seem like a neat idea. Not neat enough for me to part with $30, the suggested retail price, but still – neat.

Now if they would come up with one that would nag my kids to clean their rooms, they’d have my money in a heartbeat.

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  1. EmmaSometimes says:

    sweet. The prototype was shock someone until they drink water but it didn’t go further than the test group (may they rest in peace)

    GOOD FOR YOU for getting into your pants. Oh, wait, that sounds bad. Good for you, though, really. It’s hard work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi Danielle – i would love to know where i can get one of thoe water bottles I did a google searcha nd came up with mothing. Thx

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