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Social Sites Reaching Epidemic Proportions

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Holy smokes! It was only 39 days ago that I posted about the lack of MySpace alternatives but the market has since exploded! (You can thank me later.) In the past week we’ve been introduced to:

  • Koolanoo.com – A social networking site “For the Jewish people, By the Jewish people.”
  • HoverSpot – HoverSpot hopes to differentiate themselves by rewarding users for contet. Uploading photos, filling out your profile, commenting, and blogging will earn you points, which in turn will become entries into contests and sweepstakes. Currently the giveaway is limited to a Nano every other month.
  • Tired & Tested – A sports-focused social networking site, Tired & Tested bills itself as “MySpace with shorts on.” Those crazy Brits.

Other new social sites abound, including:

  • Yardbarker – Digg meets Sports Illustrated meets MySpace. Sports fans submit their favorite sports stories, and other users rank them a la Digg. My husband thinks this is neato-cool, and I suspect my teenage son will as well.
  • Hotspottin.com – Tell the world about your favorite hotspots.

In addition, the Australian site Faces.com relaunched this week, and according to the article by Mashable, they’ve gone all out with the features.

I still haven’t met a recipe site that I’m in love with yet, so if Frankenstein’s Lab could give the MySpace business a rest and get busy on cooking sites, I’d really appreciate it. (Oh, and don’t forget to make it sync with my Pocket PC.)


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