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PayJr Still Hasn’t Finished Their Chores

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I found a site last week that promised to change domesticity as I know it – or at least eliminate some of the chaos associated with chores. It’s called PayJr and it bills itself as the “next generation of chores and allowances.” The idea is to allow parents to assign chores and pay allowances online.

There’s not a beta tag in sight, but it’s hard for me to believe that the developers intend for this to be live yet. For one, the signup didn’t work in either Firefox or IE last week when I initially tried to join. This week the signup works, but your password has to exactly 8 characters long. (The help text says at least 8 characters. I finally figured it out by playing with it.) When I finally got my first look at the actual application, I was dismayed to see that the developers don’t offer any way for parents to enter their own chores, although they do offer about 30 canned chores. For me, this was a deal killer. After all the hype of the beautifully designed interface, and the very compelling copy, I was practically salivating at the thought of getting my hands on this. (Track chores and allowances online! Printable chore calendar! Optional prepaid teen card!)

I did manage to get both my children entered without any trouble, but not being able to enter our own family chores essentially rendered the application useless for me. For example, in our house we have a veritable herd of dogs. Although “walk the dog” is on the list, it would be helpful if I could designate which of the four dogs needs walking. Other chores associated with the dogs are feed the dog(s), clean out the water bowl, fill the water bowl, play ball with puppies, change bedding in kennel, wash the dog(s) – well, you see where I’m going with this, right?

It sounds as if PayJr has some big plans for the site, and if the early functionality is anything to judge by, I do think this will be a very useful site for parents. Until then, we’ll stick to the pen-and-paper method.

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