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Etiquette 2.0 & a MySpace for Cooks

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Do you know what I hate? I hate it when I get MySpace requests without any introduction, especially since my profile explicitly states that requests without an introduction will be denied. This complete disregard for my simple request tells me that this person either has the attention span of a gnat, or is a friend ‘ho, neither of which I’m likely to want to be associated with anyway. In the real world, a friend request without an introduction would be analogous to walking up to a complete stranger and shaking their hand without any introduction. Hopefully most of us were raised better than that, although I’m starting to wonder about most MySpacers formative years.

Bad manners seems to be making a comeback on the ‘net. Consider this screen capture from Skinnyr, a site that lets you “track your weight with a graph thingy!” You’d think that with such limited functionality, they’d be a little nicer to their users. I might add that part of the signup process is giving them your weight and height. If you’re any kind of overweight, seeing your disproportional weight and height reflected back at you from your screen is disheartening enough without being insulted by the site you wanted to join to help you in your weight loss efforts.

In other news, there’s a new crop of MySpace competitors/clones that have been launched since my last post on said sites. One of the new clones that I’m really liking the idea of is BakeSpace.com. It’s a MySpace for cooks. How cool is that? It’s a pretty site (they get points for that from me) and there are some neat features like being able to forward recipes, but filling out your profile will take about the same amount of time that writing the sequel to War and Peace would. Pack a lunch. In addition, they’re hampered by a small user base – and as a result – a very limited recipe offering. If they can increase membership, I think this has the potential to be a great site. Still, they have their work cut out for them with “competitors” such as AllRecipes.com and Meals.com.

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