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Tonight’s post will be short. I am exhausted tonight for some reason and can hardly keep my eyes open.

I feel like I finally got something accomplished today! I finished my portfolio site, and at long last, started my workout regimen. The workout passed very quickly since I was listening to an audio book from Audible.com on my MDA. I love Audible! I’ve been a member for a few years and the service just keeps getting better and better. For $22.95 a month, I get to download two books, plus the daily (M-F) edition of the New York Times. (The Wall Street Journal is also available, if that’s more to your taste.) Moreover, each month members receive six featured audible books/interviews/short stories, etc. for free. Finally, if that weren’t enough, members also receive a free subscription to the digital edition of AudioFile, “The Magazine for People Who Love Audiobooks.” Another one of my favorite audiobook sites is LearnOutLoud. They specialize in educational audiobooks (and videos.)

When I’m not listening to a book on my MDA, I’m reading a book on my MDA. My favorite site to pick up great ebooks is Ereader.com, but Fictionwise is a close second. I’ve had a lot of people exclaim that the could never read a book on a screen that small, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get used to. One of the biggest benefits of reading digital books, aside from portability, is being able to read in the dark. Since my husband has a hard time falling asleep with the light on, ebooks make him happy, too. Other benefits include that it looks like you’re working when you’re actually reading, and of course, it eliminates the embarrassment of toting a book to the bathroom with you. (Pun intended.)

Another of my favorite “digital entertainment” sites is Zinio. Zinio provides digital editions of some of the most popular magazines for download. You can purchase individual issues or annual subscriptions, just like with print editions. Zinio provides a free, Adobe Acrobat-like, reading application that is easy to use and has neat features like searching, bookmarking and annotating. Generally the cost of the magazine/subscription is the same as it is in print. Now if they could just develop a way to get the mags on to my MDA, life would be good.

Sorry this post is so short (some of you may actually be happy about that) but I’ve given you some of the most digitally entertaining sites on the Internet, so shouldn’t you be moving along now? Shoo. Go read – or listen to – a book.

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  1. Joko Londo says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I thought your entry was about the drug MDA. My bad.

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