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Get the Kids Off to School and Get Some Rest!

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You have no idea how much I detest Internet Exploder 6. I’ve spent several hours today troubleshooting styles that work fine in FireFox/Flock/Mozilla, but blow up in IE. It’s hard for me to believe that this is the same browser I used to prefer working with. My how far it’s fallen!

The good news is that the major kinks have been worked out and now it’s just design tweaking. This means that I’ll be done soon and I’ll be able to get back to surfing the net with impunity. I’ve been relying on my rss reader (Flock, natch) to keep me current with new sites, so that’s where you’re getting your news tonight.

It’s been a slow news day for web apps, but just in time for back-to-school, there’s a new site called Easy School Search. This could actually be pretty handy, especially if one is new in town. It allows users to locate schools in an area, or by zip code. Search results include all public and private secondary schools in the area; adding pre-schools to the results would make this a very valuable app. Basic information is provided about each institution, and in my case, a link to the Texas Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education was provided. A link to the district and/or school site would be a great addition.

(Today’s photo is of the Houston Uptown area, and is sposored by the letter “B”.)


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  1. EmmaSometimes says:

    Do you use browsershots.org?

    If you don’t you will love them!!

    I know what you mean about IE. Firefox has a fraction of the security issues, tabbed browsing and the skins are great. (a girl must have her options for accessories, you know)

    By the way I have both of your blogs on my list now. NO not that list. hehe.

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