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Still Getting My Ducks in a Row

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First, have I mentioned how much I love Flock? I blogged about it a couple of days ago, but did I mention the cool photos window within the browser that lets one drag photos from their Flickr collection right into a blog post, comments field, or Gmail email? That last one is worth the price of admission – free – for me as the good technology gurus at Gmail haven’t gotten around to providing that functionality. (Hey, and while you Google chipheads are at it, how about adding some task tracking functionality to Google Calendar?)

Today was the all-you-can-eat technology buffet for me, in between trying to find good diet and recipe software for my MDA, and getting my portfolio site on the web. (Still looking for THE job. I know it’s out there. It took me 26 years to find the perfect husband. I guess the job can’t be far away now.)

Speaking of diet software, I did start my “diet” today. As of this writing, I have had nearly 72 ozs. of water today, and am amazed at how clear-headed simply being hydrated makes you. However, I didn’t get to exercise today. I would like to log all of this, but I still haven’t found the right combination of software and/or Internet sites. (By the way, Pocket Cook didn’t work at all on Windows Mobile 5, and I’m having a devil of a time getting Big Oven to synchronize with my MDA.

Luckily, and just in time for my lifestyle change, a new exercise & diet site was launched called Traineo. The interface and design are fantastic and full of Ajaxy goodness. In fact, this might be one of the best designed sites I’ve come across. Although their feature set isn’t all that complex, the site provides a simple graphing function to track weight loss and caloric intake. What excites me about this site, as simple as it is, is that users can invite up to four people to be “motivators.” Motivators can be anyone you choose or you can browse Traineo members that have signed up to be motivators.Although other weight-loss sites like PeerTrainer focus on accountability, to my knowledge no one has combined it with weight-loss tracking features. If Traineo adds just a few more features, such as a food database, this site will be a contender. (My profile can be viewed here.)

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