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Underwater Internet Surfing

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I’m late tonight – even by my standards. I’m working on a last-minute freelance job, so I’m burning the midnight oil. I have a logo to design, copy to write, and a brochure to lay out, so this will be a brief, but tasty, offering.


Today got off to a good start. By 7:30 it was very hot and very humid here in beautiful Houston. The heat is bad, but I think the humidity just might kill me. Walking outside is like trying to to breathe through a wet washcloth. It is said that the only reason we keep track of the humidity here in Houston is so that we don’t drown. I believe it. Still, it was beautiful, even if it was so oppressingly hot and overbearingly humid that I could only enjoy it from my window.

Luckily, I have the Internet. TechCrunch introduced me to the totally fabulous Sugar Network this morning, a collection of sites that dish up some of the best gossip, style, advice, and socializing . It’s like attending a tea party with the very hippest and wittiest women around. The interface is clean and simple, and the design is simply confectionary.

I’ve already copied a fantastic recipe for lettuce chicken wraps (no carbs) from the Dear Sugar (advice) site – and even their ads are great. Thanks to their superlative taste in advertisers, I’ve discovered the most fabulous stationery site ever! (Now I just need to find a full-time job so that I can afford it. ) I’m excited about that recipe – it looks yummy, and since I haven’t had time today to visit any recipe sites – or even drink water – in preparation for my dieting, it was well-timed. It could well be that I’ll be living off lettuce chicken wraps for the next week. That’s okay, though – I’ll be starving in style!

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    Is there any law to control that ???

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