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A Salute to Russian Race Horses and Recipes

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Well, I’ve made a successful start in planning my lifestyle change. I managed to drink two 8 oz. glasses of water today, and am working on my third. The next step in my plan is to get together some healthy recipes so that I can make a shopping list. In true Dani style, I’m looking to the web for the recipes. (I only wish that our local grocery stores were as high-tech as I am. Wouldn’t you love to have a grocery cart that would follow you around? I usually take my son with me to push the cart. He has the advantage over the robotic grocery cart in that he enthusiastically races the cart into position whenever I get the urge to go out for a pass with a box of cereal.)

Since I would like ideally to be able to synchronize my recipes with my handheld, I started my search for recipe sites at Handango, hoping to find a recipe application that interfaces with a cool website. I immediately hit pay dirt by doing a search for “recipe.” There are two contenders, Pocket Cook and Big Oven. Both offer recipe synchronization between the Pocket PC and the website, and seem robust enough, but I’m really put off by the interface. (I’m a design snob. I freely admit it.) If I had to choose on of them based on the cursory examination I made, I’d choose Pocket Cook. In addition to syncing recipes from the website to the handheld, they both have shopping lists and menus, but Pocket Cook seems to be the only one that supports Windows Mobile 5.0.

Of course, I always have my long-time favorite sites like All Recipes and Meals.com. I don’t know how 2.0 either one would be considered – after all, neither of them is in beta. But heck, I know how to use the cut and paste functions, and they do have a huge selection of great recipes. I also found this huge list of recipe sites that I’ll check out later.

For now, though, I’m off to the races thanks to my third glass of water.


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