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Technology’s Keeper

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Well, I did apply to a couple of jobs today I found using mostly traditional Internet sites – CareerBuilder, Monster, HoustonJobs.com, etc.- but my favorite job hunting tool is still CraigsList. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s because it feels more direct with the middleman removed. After CraigsList, I favor Indeed and SimplyHired, especially now that they both sport a “save this job” feature. SimplyHired has the better interface, but Indeed provides more options, including links to company, salary, and networking research and a map of the job’s general location.

This evening was mostly taken up by doing tech support type things. I installed a new wireless card in Jay’s laptop, then played hell getting the network to assign it an IP address. After that, I uninstalled the firewall and antivirus software we had on our PC and installed the “house” brand. Finally, I wrapped up my evening with updating the ROM image on my MDA, and researching Pocket PC software.

Oh, but I do have a cool techie site for you tonight. PDADB.net bills themselves as “the World’s largest, most comprehensive and most accurate online PDA database.” In addition to having great data sheets for every pda and smartphone I could think of, they also have links to any updates for the device. (Which is why I ended up installing a new ROM image tonight.) Furthermore, it’s a great shopping tool as one can compare several different devices at a time, as well as being able to find a device by entering specific parameters. If you’re considering a new pda or smartphone, stop here first!


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