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2.0 – So Easy, Even a Dog Could Do It

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Maybe I’m just a sap, but there’s nothing better than having a puppy curled up next to you on the sofa. If you don’t have your own puppy to curl up with, though, you can live vicariously through Pikapet.com, a sort of Hot-or-Not for pets. (When you visit, you can vote for my little snoogums here.) Of course, there’s always Dogster.com and Catster.com for fur fixes, too.

Maybe you don’t have enough pets? Well, you could always make the hookup for your pet at Match My Pet, a site dedicated to bringing (breeding) pets together. I’ll bet Pierre wishes he knew about this site before we went and got him a ‘wife.’ (Don’t worry – we’re a G-rated house – no pet breeding here.)

Need a petsitter for all the critters you do have? Just visit PawSpot and trade petsitting services with other owners in your area. (There aren’t many people in Houston, or I’d be all over that.)

Maybe you’re not into fur kids at all, but you’d still like a pet. Check out this neato-cool, totally 2.0, ant farm I came across last night. No late night walks, no messes to clean up. Antastic!


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