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Ghosts and Christmas Future

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Ah, teenage girls. You gotta love them. My daughters – one natural, one honorary – have decided that their room is haunted. In fact, one of them claims that she saw the message “get out” spelled out in the popcorn on the ceiling. I’m really impressed by that. I can’t even get a recruiter in the same city to call me back, and the girls are getting messages from beyond. Maybe they’ll give me a tip on a job opening. Pierre, our miniature Dachshund and head of security, has been shanghaied into sleeping in their room tonight to keep an eye on things. No doubt they dressed the poor dog up and had a tea party with him. I expect he’ll want some nifty 2.0 pet toy as compensation – not that I blame him.

My favorite band from the 80s, Duran Duran, made the news today by showing that they’re very much in tune with the times. Makes me want to join SecondLife – maybe I’ll get a second chance at hooking up with John or Simon. lol

Tomorrow I’ll be back with Web 2.0 goodies. I’m hoping that I can find something 2.0 to help with Christmas shopping. Yes, I know it’s only August, but I like to get an early jump on these things. My family is so large that it takes me months and months just to put my list together.


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