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Mo’ shopping

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Thank God it’s Friday! Yesterday’s blog on shopping was timely (okay, shopping is always timely on my blog) since I’ll be doing some back-to-school shopping this weekend, and I’m anxious to try some of the new mobile price comparison sites like Frucall. Frucall doesn’t require one to login via a mobile browser, but rather offers price comparisons with just a phone call to a toll-free number. After registering at their site, I decided to give it a whirl. The call was answered by an automated attendant that instructed me to input the barcode, which I did. (I used an ISBN from a book I looked up on Amazon.com.) I was pleasantly surprised when, after a very short hold, the automated voice came back with price ranges for the book in both new and used conditions (prices included shipping.) After giving me prices from specific vendors, I was offered the choice of buying it , bookmarking it, or leaving myself a voice note. I chose to end the call there, but I’m suitably impressed enough to have saved the number in my contacts list for future use.


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