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Shopping 2.0

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Didn’t do too much on the job search today. Instead, I spent most of the day working on my husband’s laptop after it was knocked off the coffee table by a rambunctious puppy.(The same rambunctious puppy that knocked the “S” key off of hubby’s computer, and the down and right arrow keys off of mine. It’s obviously a talent.) I ended up having to buy a part, so I went to Ebay. After all, my mantra is “Never, ever pay retail.”

Fortunately for me, the Internet abounds with Web 2.0 shopping apps designed with deals in mind. One of my favorites is DealCritic, essentially a Digg for deals. Users vote for the best deals, pushing the good ones to the top of the list. (I can’t believe I missed the Dyson DC14 vacuum for $265!!!) I also sometimes use PriceHeat to do price comparisons. Hawkee.com is another price comparison site, and offers RSS feeds for price monitoring.

When I’m feeling girly, I sashay over to The Mint Pages, a site where women (and they say, men) can share reviews and advice on makeup and beauty products. There’s also StyleHive, an online social shopping site where users bookmark their favorite products. Although I use Kaboodle to track my wishlists, I really like the collaborative feel of the site, and the eclectic – and slightly funky – tastes of the users. (Today’s Stylehive discovery was See Jane Work, a store that carries fun and colorful office supplies. Think Office Depot meets Ikea.)

Of course, you want to do your homework before buying anything. I usually first check Judy’s Book for reviews, but I am really liking Product Wiki for product reviews.

Still, I often end up using Ebay to get the best deals. Thankfully, Web 2.0 developers didn’t forget about my favorite auction site. Cooqy brings Web 2.0 style to Ebay with a flashy Ajax interface, including a magnifier tool for all item photos. Another Ebay site I just learned about today is Last Minute Auction, a listing of all Ebay auctions that are currently under $1 and have an hour or less before they end. There’s definitely potential there to uncover some great deals.



  1. EmmaSometimes says:

    thanks for the site on SeeJaneWork. Great site!

    I LOVE a good sale!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your interst in the Stylhive. Hopefully we can get you keeping all your shopping list on the hive. Lots of new features coming out so keep checking back in!

    All the best

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for mentioning Cooqy!

    Cooqy provides superior bargain-hunting search algorithms. Unlike Last Minute Auctions, Cooqy actually lets you find no-reserve auctions with a TOTAL COST less than a set price, including shipping cost. Last Minute Auction (and eBay itself) don’t let you filter items by shipping cost! Cooqy just might be the only tool currently available that finds items on eBay with free shipping.

    Robert Yeager

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