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Off the Hook

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I don’t know if mobile sites count as 2.0, but that’s where I’ve been spending my time today (when I’m not looking for employment, of course) I purchased a T-Mobile MDA last weekend, and have spent whatever free time I’ve had looking for accessories for it. For example, instead of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the MDA uses a 2.5mm jack. So I need new headphones, or at least an adapter. But that’s okay with me – that’s an excuse to visit some of my favorite gadget sites like Gizmodo, The Gadgeteer, and Engadget.

I’ve been a Palm junkie ever since the Pro hit the streets back in 1997, so I’m looking for new software, too. Sure, I’ve tried to kick the Palm habit many times over the years, but it always ends with me crawling back to my Palm, usually within a couple of days. (I did manage to stay off Palm for almost two weeks back in 2001 when the Compaq 3650 debuted.) However, 2006 seems to be the year I’ll kick the Palm habit. I’ve had the MDA for nearly a week and I haven’t even thought once about my Palm TX, except to plan the Ebay listing. I love the full keyboard, the Audible software for Windows Mobile is far superior to the Palm version, and my E-reader books display with no problems. Plus, the battery life is good. Oh, and it sounds good, too.

I have found at least one mobile site that’s definitely 2.0, and that’s MobileCrunch. Part of the TechCrunch network, their mission is to “to identify, profile, test and even help develop the technologies, applications, services and devices that will define the next generation of connected mobile computing.” Now that sounds like my kind of job!


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