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Jobs and Luxuries – Like Eating

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Enough of the MySpace, already. Back to what’s important – how web technology can help me find a job. I finally finished copying and pasting my resume into Emurse.com‘s site, and I’ve been pleased with the performance so far. ( A resume import feature would go a long way towards improving that performance. ) Once a resume is finally entered, it can then be downloaded in several different formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF, and plain text. I used the download feature today to generate a plain text resume for submission through a company job board, and found it simple and accurate.

I’ve also emailed my resume to a recruiter using the Emurse system, and I like the fact that Emurse’s system confirms receipt of the resume, as well as providing the option of updating the resume status. What would make this a killer app, however, would be a partnership with a company like ReadNotify to provide specifics on who is reading the resume, how often, and if its been forwarded.

I plan on using the Emurse site during this job search, and hopefully I’ll be successful so that I can afford to use the next sites: ParentOnline.net and MealPayPlus.com. Both are sites that allow parents to not only fund their childrens cafetaria accounts, but to specify what foods they’re allowed to buy, and view and track the purchases. The reports are nice, but for me, just the convenience of online funding would be enough.


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  1. Alex Rudloff says:

    Glad to hear your enjoying Emurse so far!

    We’ve prototyped some importing things, it’s just really really tough to get right. We’ve talked about some hybrid approaches, maybe put the text up next to it to make it easier to copy and paste, or something. Not sure yet. I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

    I haven’t heard of Read Notify before, Gavin (the other co-founder) may have though. I’ll forward the suggestion along.

    Keep us updated on your thoughts! I enjoy following along 🙂


    Alex Rudloff
    Emurse.com Resume Blog

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