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Even More MySpace Alternatives

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I can’t believe I deleted an entire post! I think it was probably because I was occupied with worrying about contracting tetanus. I kicked off my shoes to get some shots in the grass at the Hot Nights, Cool Tunes concert and stepped on something. I know it’s been more than 10 years since I had my last tetanus shot, so of course as soon as I limped home, I got on the Internet and checked out the signs and symptoms on tetanus. It ain’t pretty. I should have stuck to finding tasty Web 2.0 treats.

I did find some yummy MySpace alternatives, though – the best yet, if I do say so myself. First there’s Hi5, a MySpace clone that obviously borrows their look from the original, but does it with more style, less clutter, and an improved interface. Like MySpace, there’s music, favorites, blogs, comments, and photos, but unlike MySpace, it doesn’t appear that they limit the number of photos one can upload. Also, they have a neat feature called fives – graphical shout-outs- that you can leave for friends. Hi5 does everything that MySpace does, but it does it better, faster and more reliably. If I were to switch today, Hi5 would be my choice.

But wait – there’s another contender in town called ShoutCentral. It’s currently in beta and I’m waiting for my invitation, but from what I’ve seen, this could be good. According to the Mashable review, Shout Central incorporates several external services, including Last.fm, Google, Del.icio.us, and YouTube. ShoutCentral is every bit the Web 2.0 application, too, with plenty of Ajax, and a clean, streamlined interface. Currently it’s unfunded and only has a two man developing team, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Shout, especially if some VC comes their way.

Finally, the folks at Mashable have turned me on to the tongue-in-cheek Cultspace, the MySpace for cults. Now that’s a place to make interesting friends.


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