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Blogging in style – 2.0 style, that is

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Sigh. That’s the sound of contentment. I’ve been tricking out my laptop’s desktop, and my browser (Firefox 1.5, natch) and I think it’s all very near to what I want.

IMG_5745First, I jazzed up the desktop using deskFlickr v1.5, an application that dynamically changes your desktop wallpaper using Flickr photos. I have mine set up to use my photos since only happy moments are posted on my Flickr account, but one can specify another user, and further delimit the photostream by keywords. (For example: man blonde blue eyes.) Right now it’s displaying a photo of my uber-hot bassist husband shoving a mike in some chick’s face. Hmmm….maybe I should limit it to non-band shots.

Then, I installed some neato-cool (yes, that’s really a word) extensions in my browser. I am writing this blog on the Performancing extension, which installs a full-fledged blog editor within Firefox. In addition to just being easier to use than the Blogger.com interface, it allows me to compose while offline, use my del.icio.us bookmarks, and search Technorati. I also installed a lorem-ipsum generator extension to insert dummy text when needed, and placed a RawSugar icon on my All-in-One Sidebar, which I couldn’t live without. The best part is that they all play nicely together. Contented sigh. Whatever did we do before Firefox?


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